Monday, December 22, 2014

Mata Nui Shroud

Name: Mata Nui Shroud

Description: In an alternate universe, Mata Nui rules overtly over his domain. Revered by all and without match, Mata Nui is the ultimate being of the universe.

But not everyone one knows, that Mata Nui is not Mata Nui. He is in fact an imposter, someone else entirely. His motives, or even how he ended up posing as Mata Nui is a mystery, but the time when his true intentions shall be revealed draws ever so closely...

Comments: This MOC was done in July 2014. My initial idea came from a certain Gundam UC Mobile suit (no prizes for guessing which one it is!). After seeing how I had four yellow shield pieces from the knockoff Toa Mata Nui I reviewed quite a while back, I've always wanted to make a MOC like the Kshatriya. The binders in the end proved to be a little short to achieve the same effect, so it morphed into Mata Nui Shroud. 

The hands were taken whole-sale from Toa Mata Nui by the way, before anyone says anything. (He killed Mata Nui and used his body parts...?! I'll leave that up to your imagination...*.*)

More Pictures:

Back View

Without wings - front

Without wings - back

 Triple-jointed hip!

 Back-view of torso construction


 Specially-made stand

And yes, Mata Nui is a FRIEND of Tuma!

Font: Urban Decay by zofos

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


 Name: Sleath
Description: After falling into a body of Energised Protodermis and left for dead by his team mates, Ronik of the Toa Strike Team lay dormant in his resting place for countless centuries. The prolonged exposure to the Protodermis changed his body, and when he emerged, he was recognised by none and feared by all. With all memories of his past forgotten, Sleath wanders the earth, righting things with a sense of justice he never knew (or forgot) he had.

Comments: This was made back in November 2013, and still is my most favourite MOC I've made. Hence I have left him up to this very date, you know, saving the best for the last (well of course I still have stuff left to post up!). This guy was made before Ronik of the TST, but I thought it'd be nice to link the two, so I specifically designed Ronik to bare a little resemblance of him, weapon-wise.

Sleath originally started with the Vahki shoulder piece, where I wanted to make a Gundam Dynames-like character. The body was also designed such that he would have waist articulation (see pictures below). This would also be the first time I made a rifle/gun out of non-gun pieces, so I hope you like it! :P

More Pictures:

 Guns all drawn out

 Back view

 Body Section

 2-point waist articulation, and ball-joint waist-skirts
How far he can move back

 Close-up of face

 Rifle: side-view
Rifle: 3 Barrels! :D

Size comparison

Watch out, he's coming for you next...

Jules Cease

Name: Jules Cease

Status: Deceased

Description: Being the charismatic leader of the Omega team, Jules Cease had much sleeze. He had so much sleeze, he didn't like it when people sneezed. But whenever he'd go, missions, the cafeteria, or the briefing room, everyone'd just look at him and freeze.

Comments: Just a fun snap-combination of Nex 2.0 and Evo 2.0 made back in January 2014. I always like how Evo's vents look like Caesar's crown when turned upside-down, so there you go, a charismatic hero who's got even more contacts than Nex, the all brawns, no brain poster-boy for Hero Factory who wouldn't even want to get his shiny armour dirtied in a fight.

Or if you didn't like that description, he a super effecient ex-leader of the recon team. :P