Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sinanju Stein Wing-X

Name: Sinanju Stein Wing-X

Description: Before the Sinanju was stolen, developers stumbled upon rather strange and foreign blueprints, one detailing a mysterious transforming mobile suit, while the other of a lunar-powered cannon-wielding mobile suit . Realising that incorporating the designs from the blueprints would greatly increase the mobility and power of the Sinanju, the developers set off to design a variation of the still two-eyed, gray-coloured behemoth.

Comments: This was made back in December 2013. I just wanted to make a MOC with Gundam colours. And I kind of failed. XD So I completely ditched the idea of adding any more blue into the MOC, and just stuck with more red.

I quite like the Wing Mode, but only at certain angles XD A direct side-view exposes the gap below the 'cockpit'. But it kind of looks like a mix of the Wing's bird-form and the Strike's Skygrasper...  I've tried to make the Wing Mode look as un-mobile suitish as possible, so hope I accomplished that! XD

Oh, and erm about the name. I just threw in everything that struck me when I thought about the features of the suit. Since I can't get a V-fin, why not make it a Sinanju Stein? XD Yes, sooooo convinient :D

More Pictures:

3/4 Front

3/4 Back

Back View

Back View: Wings Out

Wing Mode:

 Side View: (Eww! >w<)

 Bottom View: (Eww...?)

With accessories attached

Height Comparison

Twin-rifle Solar-panel *insert another anime reference here* shot(to)!!!!

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