Sunday, May 4, 2014

Beetle- Scorpion

Name: Beetle- Scorpion

Description: Just a mech- beetle that tranforms into a scorpion...

Comments: Again, made this wayyy back, probably in 2010... Started with the horn first, and that sparked off an idea for a beetle. Since I do have limited pieces, the 'feet' (if that's what you want to call it) are in different colours, but they are supposed to be the same, really. The scorpion came after that, when I realised I could bend the head all the way back :O Added on the Rakshi  blades for the scorpion claws. Kinda reminds you of Zoids right? (I don't know haha)

More Pictures: (sorry, most of them are blurry; rather shaky hands : /)

 Top View

Back View

 Side View

 Scorpion Mode

 Scorpion Mode: Side View

 Scorpion Mode: Back View

The Underbelly (gasps!)

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