Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rocka BL

 Name: Rocka BL

Description: With light-weight jet-boots, armour and, most notably, his twin blades, this upgrade of Rocka was made with efficiency of speed and attack in mind. Wrist-mounted blades equate to greater and easier slashing motions; they can also be stored on Rocka's back when not in use.

Comments: Just a small little side project using both Breakout Rocka and Breez again done in April 2013. I made this with sleekness in mind (think Gundam Exia). I initially gave him the orangey-red eyes, intending him to be a slash-happy figure, but I switched it over in the end, and cracked the orange head in the process : /

More Pictures:

 Action Pose

 Back view (blades stored)

Front View (blades stored)

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