Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rocka FX

Name: Rocka FX

Description: The final, most powerful form of Rocka. Armed with the best Hero Factory can offer, Energy-negating Holo-shield, Hero-core powered blaster, shoulder-mounted tracking missles and Blade wings for extreme maneuverability in the air, Rocka is ready to defend the Hero Factory against its foes, or go down with it.

Comments: Again done back in July 2012. This was only made with pieces coming from Breakout Rocka and Breakout Breez. Except that stand of course (you knew that was a stand right?) I was inspired by Gunpla Action Bases, so I made one out from old parts... And I made his little 'assistant' with the parts left over from the two sets XD

More Pictures:

 Rocka FX's 'little assistant'!

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