Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Name: Behemoth

Description: Contrary to his name, Behemoth isn't the tallest individual you'll meet. He, however, gets his name from his sheer bulk, which also makes him an intimidating foe to go up against. Him carrying a massive shield-sword and re-enforced protodermis shield doesn't help either. As an ancient defender of Voya Nui, Behemoth finally fell after his twin back-mounted drives died out from old age.

Comments: This was my first go at making a titan-like character. I've incorporated the leg design of HF 2.0 titans for the calves, while using the old Bionicle titan design for the leg re-enforcements. For the shoulders, I decided to try out  adapting the builds of Gunpla; I used an extra piece for more mobility and extra shoulder girth (the twin drive were also Gundam-inspired!)

One gripe about this MOC was that due to the bulkiness of the feet, their ball sockets tend to get a little loose, if I can remember (this was made in 2012!!)... I also kind of gave up on making a sword for this guy, hence the awkward sword (sorry?).

More pictures:

 Close-up of leg

 Shoulder build: the red Metru arm is the shoulder connection

 Back view

Height Comparison

Alternative (initial weapon): Rhotuka Blaster

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