Monday, May 5, 2014

Furno 1.5

Name: Furno 1.5

Description: What do you get when you combine Furno with Furno 2.0? Well...Furno 1.5 of course! Armed with a core-powered flame shield-shooter, a power knuckle and two back mounted claws, this powered-up version of Furno is the new poster-boy for Hero Factory! (heh)

Comments: I did this back in 2011 when the new building system (aka HF 2.0) came out. I liked the limbs. I didn't like the hollow back. So I took them and attached them onto the Orignal Furno. Then some more. Tada~~ (lols)

More pictures:

Knuckle-claw for Haz-Mat Extraction! Or just to look cool.

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