Monday, May 26, 2014

Toa and Beast

Name: Toa Renua and Beast
Description: As the young Toa Renua sets out on a soul-searching journey, he meets his first companion, Beast. Beast is of a species close to the Kikanalo, and his bite can be worse than his bark. Together with Toa Renua's Fire-ice bending powers, the duo cross lands, encountering numerous friends and foes.
Comment: This was made back in April 2013. I wanted to try my hand out at making a animal-MOC, so Beast was the result of my tinkering about. Beast (obviously the star here, if you haven't noticed) was made with adding more points in articulation in mind. He features a two-point waist articulation, posable jaws, and a dual-balljointed head connection. Due to my lack of pieces. hope you dont mind Beast's *er-hrm* colourful appearance.
Toa Renua was an add-on to beast. I wanted to try new colour combinations, and have him wield an axe-like weapon.
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