Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mizrah, Bohrok Guardian

Name: Mizrah, Bohrok Guardian

Description: Deep in the depths of Mata Nui, near his very core, lies the Grand Nest of the Bohrok swarm. Wielding twin-blade claws and towering above his enemies, Mizrah, one of many is a sight to behold. He, and the rest of his fellow guardians, have been tasked in the nest's protection against intrusion, and against the unleashing of the greatest threat the world has yet to see...

Comments: This was made back in August 2013. I wanted to make a MOC with a movable Bohrok Head. I mean, you see Bohrok being able to freely move their heads in ads, so why cant they in real life? Mizrah also has some waist articulation, reinforced by two more connections between the upper body and the lower body. Personally, I am quite pleased with the using of the Toa Metru Torso for calves; they do look really nice to me (can't I like my own work?! >.<)

More Pictures:

Action Pose

 Back View

 Showing off his waist articulation

Leg Close-up


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